Dear Cara 18 June 2010

Dear Cara,

I feel quite bored, so I’m watching a SciFi movie from 1995. Stephen King’s The Langoliers. It makes me happy that they mentioned Omaha. I thought that was funny but spooky because they mentioned that they didn’t know if the city still was there. Creepy.

We did end up going to those garage sales. There were some good ones. I found a Norton Anthology of American Literature that’s quite good. I think it’s fourth edition so it’ll be good because of all that time to work out the kinks.

La dee da dee da. Hmmmm…. What else is going on today… I don’t think anything is really going on here. We had Runza for lunch, but beside that… Well, you’re traveling. Seven hours is a long time to be in the car. It’s a good thing you have all those Doctor Whos on your ipod. Soon enough you’ll have them on your iphone! I wonder what you’ll name it… I think you’ll have to take some time to really get to know the phone before you name it. For instance, I waited to name Spaz because  Machine of Mechanical Wonder doesn’t really do the job for him.

Speaking of the Doctor, Grace was lucky she stayed home from the garage sales because she got to watch two Doctor Whos including “Midnight” and “Turn Left”! Those would be good ones to put on your ipod.

HA! I can hear my mom making herself a Latte. Figures, it’s around the time for her usual second round. Poor woman, she’s so addicted. Oh well, it’s not her fault. I’m addicted to my hot chocolate but not quite as severely as she is. I know you understand that addiction. Sigh.

Good grief, the British guy in this movie is driving me crazy. He has the worst accent ever AND he says the most typical “British” phrases.

“Hang on Matey.”

“Jolly good.”

“Mr. Jenkins, pray continue.”

See, this is what too much BBC does to a person! You become picky about your cinematic Brits. Sigh. He sounds Australian now. Strange.

Sigh, my family went to the pool again. I don’t like that pool. There are bugs everywhere in it and gritty sand and everything else you can think of. Nasty it is. That’s why I only like indoor pools.

I really hope you don’t trip into a pool or anything while you’re gone. Or a ditch. Where did pool come from? That’s random. Anyway, call me if you die. I’ll be very much in your debt. I wonder if you’ll have internet access. I hope so. You might go crazy if you don’t. Too many sites to keep up with. I wonder if the weather will be cooler for you. Who knows?

And so farewell for now Cara!

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,



Dear Cara June 14-15 2010

Dear Miss Cara,

(Written on the 14th)

I feel very accomplished at the moment because I drove four miles home from my pointe class without killing anyone! And I went a little out of our way to drop off someone. Therefore I feel superduper.

Yum, I’m drinking some hot chocolate and eating a few Fig Newtons. A combination from heaven if you ask me!

Now that I started making my own clothes I can’t stand anything in the store! My mom and I went to Walmart and I couldn’t find a single thing I liked, at all. I did find a watch that was on sale for three bucks. It’s funny because now whenever I put my wrist near my ear I think “What the heck is that ticking noise?!” only to discover it’s the watch. So smart I am. Sigh.

Oh my gosh. This show is making me so hungry. Grace and I are watching “The Food Budda” on TLC. This food looks so good!!! Arg! Those Fig Newtons aren’t going to cut it! Sigh. Now I’d love some brusle sprouts. Those things are good and that is random.

(Written on the 15)

OHHHHHH, let’s see. First thing to come to mind…… My uncle and his family from DC are coming in for Father’s day tomorrow. The baby is a year old now; that’s a little scary. We don’t see them enough I think. I hope they really do move here. But he hasn’t heard anything yet.

YOU JUST TOLD ME ABOUT THE GRADUATION BOOK! Great, now I’ll never be able to sleep.

Oh, what else. My mom wouldn’t let me drive Michaela home today because her mom didn’t know about it. But I did fine! And this was during rush hour too! No faith. Sigh. But then I did drive home four miles so that’s cool. Crazy people make me nervous though. So does Grace. She gasps whenever we go over a bump. Goodness.

Oooo, the scab over my burn has come off but now there’s a scar. It didn’t even hurt when I got it but now there’s this massive thing on my arm. I feel hardcore. At least it’s not on my face; that’s a little too scary. New Moonish unfortunately.

I’m afraid Grace will get the Humane Society on our backs with the treatment of her cat. She and my mom are making a dress from a pattern and Grace is making a matching one for Pepper. Granted, she looks very cute in it but who knows? Maybe she’s very uncomfortable!

Perhaps I’ll switch back to my normal theme on here. Wait! There’s an alternate design! I’ll try that. Perhaps that will be better. You did beg after all!

Did you know Jonah’s name would be Sophie if he was a girl? I think it would be weird to have a Sophie in the house, but I’d prefer him as a girl frankly.

UHG! I can’t see the keys! And I can’t listen to the old Willie Wonka music now without thinking of that stupid show! Totally ruined for me! Sigh!

Fare thee well Cara.

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,



Hello! My name is Ella. My favorite person ever is Cara. She is amazing. I am fixing my bun. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Oh crap. Wait what? We have a garden. I am typing. I am Ella. La de de da dad da da. We are talking about Twilight and I am laughing at its stupidity. Everyone is staring at me. I am Ella.  I gotta go wath Dr. Who!!! *Awkward!!*

Dear Cara 7 June 2010/Unknown things about Ella

Monster Shelf

The beautiful shelves of the present

Dear Cara,

This post shall completely comprise of as many unknown things about me as possible.

  • We have a clock in the stairwell to our basement that chimes beatles songs on the hour and several family members end up humming along.
  • I slept for many years with a super soft stuffed bear named Berry (note the spelling: not BEARY, BERRY) that we bought while visiting my aunt when she lived in Ohio
  • I used to think Berry could protect me from the “monsters” I thought lived under my bed and in the dark of my room.
  • My book collection used to fit on this little book case (See right) 

    Baby Shelf

    My shelf before I had an addiction.

  • And now it’s swelled into this beautiful monster! (See left)
  • The first Harry Potter movie I saw in the theater was Chamber of Secrets and I went with my grandparents and my great grandma. I was terrified of giant snakes for the whole following week.
  • My grandma on my dad’s side of the family had one leg and once I foolishly hung from the handles of her wheel chair and naturally both of us went tumbling all over the place.
  • I used to have a deathly fear that our house would catch on fire and we would all die. Irrational now but not to my little fourth grader brain!
  • I used to collect porcelin dolls.
  • I’m still afriad of the dark and on occasion have nightmares about knowing someone is in my room but it’s dark and the lights won’t turn on.
  • The first Shakespeare I ever saw was “Much Ado About Nothing” and the first I read OUTSIDE of school was “Romeo and Juliet”.
  • Long ago I used to call my dad “Coconut Daddy” NOT because his head looks like a coconut but because I had never had a fresh coconut.
  • In the fifth grade a started a book called “The Willow Tree” and I’d try to write a chapter a day and let all the girls read it during lunch. I got about ten chapters before I got bored. The story was a combination of “Sarah, Plain and Tall” and a book called “Gifts from the Sea.”
  • I won my preschool Easter egg decorating contest but some girl in the class broke my egg and I didn’t get over it for a long, long time.
  • I discovered Coldplay on a Twilight playlist believe it or not!
  • I discovered Doctor Who from a fan made music video for a song on that same playlist!
  • My dad is the first child in four generations that hasn’t served in at least one war.
  • I bought my copy of “The Deathly Hallows with my very own money of which I am very proud.
  • My Aunt Julie lived in Asia for six months, the same aunt that was in Ohio for a while.
  • Instead of calling arm pits that smell like BO something normal like smelly arm pits. My family has gotten into the habit of calling them “hamburger pits.” It’s a long story so I won’t tell it now; but it’s a funny story too.
  • The earliest movie I remember seeing was “The Emporer’s New Groove.” It was also the first movie Jonah ever went to.
  • I have a scab on my inner forearm at the moment from ironing another of my projects.

That is officialy all I can think of. I’m sure just moments after I post this I’ll think of another one but that’s how things work! Oh well. Sorry it took longer than I thought to post this but this camp just takes up all my time! Farewell Cara!

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,


Dear Cara 4 June 2010

Dear Cara,

HA! I almost wrote Ello Cara! because I just read your post. You contagious thing you.

Anyway. As a matter of fact these past 2 weeks or so I’ve begun coming around to Lady Gaga. The Glee episode wasn’t really the reason but I did enjoy that. I’m understanding the appeal behind her and am beginning to even like her (believe it or not).

Arg. I’ve made up my mind. I am dropping out of Willie Wonka. It is really frankly not worth it. Based on what I heard at the first rehearsal, I’ll have about two scenes, both of which are very pointless. I and four other Oompa Loompas would come out, sing a song, dance a dance, and leave. Now that I can do shows during the school year I don’t feel the deep desire to do a show during the summer like I have before. Perhaps this is just me being a diva but it doesn’t seem worth the time to go to rehearsals. Oh well, we can go and watch Tess be an Oompa Loompa together.

Oh what else. We had our garage sale today and yesterday. It could have gone better I think. It makes me laugh that Megan’s neighborhood is having theirs too. I wish I could crash but no one would take me out there. Before long I can take myself out there! (Two miles without killing anyone and I ran into the grass going into the drive way! sorry, couldn’t help myself.) She says she found a cameo necklace and I’d love to have it, greedy thing I am. *Smack* That’s a sin Ella!

Hmmmm… I mailed you a letter today. I hope all the stickers don’t come off from the humidity. *Mailman when he opens outgoing mail box* “Hhhmmmmmm! Where on earth could these strange stickers have come from?!” I think my sisters thought I had reverted back to childhood when I put the last sticker on the lopsided envelope. Ah, who cares. I’d rather be young at heart rather than an old forgetful grandmother inside.

Did you know my whole family has a passionate, life long love of Kermit the Frog? We do. He’s known as Kermie in our house. And not just “Kermie” but “Kermie” how Miss Piggy says it.

And the thing at the end looks like a Dalek!!! Though it’s not as cute, sorry.

Kay, now I can’t help it. I’m watching “The Great Muppet Caper.” Such Old Memories! Oh my goodness. Dearest Kermie, where have you been for the last decade of my life?! Nothing like a good old-fashioned eighties musical about puppets. Excuse me, Muppets.

So, we sold a lot of the old stuff from when we were little kids in our Askarben house. Like a big chalk board we used to draw all over in our dining room is going. No one bought it but my mom still wants to get rid of it. An old framed tapestry from the Westgate house is going too. That used to be in our hallway. Anyway, change is good Ella, change is good.

Sigh, dearest Rory. Why did you have to go and get killed in the last Doctor Who episode? Wait, is it Rory or Roary? I saw it Roary somewhere and became very confuzzled. Anyway. Poor Rory. I was starting to like him. (AH! Kermie is in the UK! How is it a bear, a frog, and a Gonzo make it to London and we can’t?!) AND Amy doesn’t remember him! I have a feeling he’ll come back in some extraordinary way like Rose did. Then Rory will say, “AMY!” To which she will of course reply, “Who the heck are YOU!” That should make for a very eventful finale. And the Doctor will have to carry this around on his shoulders. Poor Doctor. And it wasn’t even really his fault.

Ugh. My room smells like I smoke or something. I saved a candle from the garage sale and went to burn it in my room. The wick is too long and it was giving off smoke instead of “Sugar Shack” like it was supposed to. Oh well. My moms accused me of worse. “I had a dream last night you were pregnant, smoked weed, and stole money from me. Is this true?”

Oh what else has happened? Ooooooo, this candle was made in Edgar Nebraska. That’s interesting. Oh, I stalked my Italian cousin on Facebook. That was fun but I couldn’t understand anything because it was in Italian. That was also interesting. Oooooo, here’s a riddle.

(Short version)

“One day a woman who lives in an oval house is murdered. The maid was making the beds, the gardener was tending the flowers, the butler was dusting the corners, and the cook was making a cake. Who did it?”

Tess told it to me. I know practically no riddles. I just don’t remember any anyone tells me. Oh well.

I feel very foolish. I started making a skirt today out of the fabric we found in our basement but I got to the point where I just needed to stitch up one end of it so I thought, I’ll put it on and see how it might look when I’m done. It’s a high waisted thing so I figured it would be thin at the top and taper out. So I measured and made sure it would fit around my rib perfectly, which it did, but I didn’t take into account my hips. My hips were too big for the skirt. Ugh. Infuriating. So now I stitched up the last side and I’ll add straps later and give it to Tess as a dress. I was so mad. It was nearly done and everything!!! Oh well, now Tess has a new dress. At least it wasn’t  my good fabric. There’s a neat sheet with British soldiers marching across the bottom that I can’t wait to use.

Goodness. This is quite long. I hope you enjoyed the reading Cara!

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,


Dear Cara 30 May 2010

Dear Cara,

Spaz was being his usual spaztic self by falling asleep and not waking up so I lost the whole letter I was writing you. Spaz, Spaz, Spaz…You’ll never learn; or is it me that will never learn? Either way, I can’t remember what I wrote so I’ll start over.

Am I silly to have made an agenda for the summer months? I think not; it will be helpful. Gosh, what happened today. We went to mass, bought flowers, ate Don and Millie’s, and painted two tables, a basket, a chair, and a pot red. One of the chairs is mine and I think it looks much better red. It used to be orange and green. Okay, enough about me. What’s up with Cara? I wonder if it looks like it will rain in the far away land of Elkhorn.

OH! And I played in the hose today. Such a  child.

Oh, let’s see…

What’s your favorite animal? (no goats.)

What’s your favorite color?

If you could eat any food right now what would it be?

Where is the farthest away from home you have ever been?

What was your dream job when you where 8?

What is your favorite kind of weather?

Favorite movie that was filmed in black and white?

Superman or Spiderman?

That’s all I can think of. Are there any good movies coming out this June? I don’t recall any at the moment but there must be. Oh! and send me your address so we can follow through with the physical sending of mail instead of electronic mail.

Thought of another one.

Tea, water, or pop?

Well, Cara, farewell for now.

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, and All That Jazz,


Dear Cara 25 May 2010

Dear Cara,

I already wrote you a letter today in school, but I have nothing I can study for tomorrow and I’m bored so thus a letter. I am currently eating honey. That audition is tonight. I am absolutely dreading the obvious number of Marian girls that will be present. I won’t shut up about that but it is in fact true. Oh dear, hmmm, I’m singing that song from “A Walk to Remember”: “Only Hope.” It has good range therefore I shall use it. I think it’s funny that the old director’s name was Al and now the new director’s name is also Al but the old one was Fr. Al and this one is Mr. Al. But I doubt he’ll tell us to call him that though. Arg, now I’m really nervous. I felt this way last year too. I’m listening to an old MuggleCast. Episode 193 because I know you’ll want to know. I’ve heard it but I scrolled randomly and this one was up. I smell food. I’m guessing something with noodles, but food always smells differently from up here. I’m a little sad to have all my children from my locker back at my house now. My poor locker, all empty and lonely but squeaky clean! You watched “The Choosen” today. I’ll have to remember to ask you about that in the morning. Jessi said it was really boring and not similar to the book at all. I saw like half an hour of it when I shadowed at the “G” school (<–Privacy reasons) and it was a little boring. From what I remember, Reuven seemed like the bad guy. It didn’t really help I had no idea what was going on but I suppose that doesn’t ever help anything.

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, and All That Jazz,