Dear Cara 27 July 2010

Dearest Cara,

I’m just confusing myself again by texting you and writing a blog post at the same time but this isn’t as bad. I just can’t tell you in texts what I’m telling you here. Confusing eh? Sorry, took a break to watch the Deathly Hollows trailer again. I’ve been meaning to watch it again all day and I finally got around to it. Ugh, I have a stain on my apron. That is very annoying. Now I have to wash it and while it’s in the wash I can’t wear it. Just a pain. Sigh. Oh what else has been going on. Gosh, my life is dreadfully dull. I could talk about DC I guess. First off. I know it was really hot here at home but it was so darn hot the whole time. While waiting in line for Georgetown Cupcakes, which were below average in my opinion, I literally had sweat dripping from my brow to the sidewalk. It was horrible. But in the end I took a shower and all was well. Thank God for detox! And I would love to attend the Monarch Urination Party! I would be honored to to do my biz and talk with the whole Mercy family at the same time! OH! I know what I can talk about. The perilous adventures of the vintage dress. So. When my mom and I were coming home from KS we stopped at an antique mall and I found the skirt that you hid behind at Shakespeare on the Green and a vintage stripped dress. Now, the skirt was basically new so I didn’t have to do anything to it but wash it, but the dress stinked! And on top of that it was all yellowed from age. So the day before yesterday I decided I would soak it in some oxiclean and that would get the stains out. So I filled the sink with water and oxiclean and put the dress in. I let it sit there for awhile and then I checked on it and the water was all filmy and yellow and now the whole thing, water and all reeked! So I let all the water out and rinsed the dress. Then I squeezed all the water out and added water, oxi, the works. I did this two more times but it was still a little yellow. By then my mom was home so she asked if I wanted to put it in the washer on sanitize (which I did) and the yellow was very nearly gone! So I hung it up to dry but it wasn’t going fast enough so I hung it outside. That night I went out and took it inside. So I tried it on and it fits perfectly. Now it was late by this point so I just wanted to go to bed so I did. And in the morning…I smelled it. It still smelled musty. So my mom said I should spray it with fabreez and hang it outside again. I did but it didn’t work. So I put it in the washer with detergant and fabric softener but no good. And here I am. I’m thinking of just piling a bunch of my other clothes on it to try and make it smell normal but who knows how this epic of a tale will end. And note, Band-Aid makes band aids with Neosporin built in so it won’t slip off. Ohhhh, let’s see what else your letter says… AWWWWW, Daisy, so cute. And Cara, everyone wants a Mac. I’m afraid it has become a fact of life. Sigh. You are giggling like crazy! This is your reminder to send me your graduation speech. Don’t forget! Alright, I think I’ve said all I can between texts talking on voicechat now and this. Farewell! I’ll leave you with a couple pictures…

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, and All That Jazz,


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