Dear Cara 18 June 2010

Dear Cara,

I feel quite bored, so I’m watching a SciFi movie from 1995. Stephen King’s The Langoliers. It makes me happy that they mentioned Omaha. I thought that was funny but spooky because they mentioned that they didn’t know if the city still was there. Creepy.

We did end up going to those garage sales. There were some good ones. I found a Norton Anthology of American Literature that’s quite good. I think it’s fourth edition so it’ll be good because of all that time to work out the kinks.

La dee da dee da. Hmmmm…. What else is going on today… I don’t think anything is really going on here. We had Runza for lunch, but beside that… Well, you’re traveling. Seven hours is a long time to be in the car. It’s a good thing you have all those Doctor Whos on your ipod. Soon enough you’ll have them on your iphone! I wonder what you’ll name it… I think you’ll have to take some time to really get to know the phone before you name it. For instance, I waited to name Spaz because  Machine of Mechanical Wonder doesn’t really do the job for him.

Speaking of the Doctor, Grace was lucky she stayed home from the garage sales because she got to watch two Doctor Whos including “Midnight” and “Turn Left”! Those would be good ones to put on your ipod.

HA! I can hear my mom making herself a Latte. Figures, it’s around the time for her usual second round. Poor woman, she’s so addicted. Oh well, it’s not her fault. I’m addicted to my hot chocolate but not quite as severely as she is. I know you understand that addiction. Sigh.

Good grief, the British guy in this movie is driving me crazy. He has the worst accent ever AND he says the most typical “British” phrases.

“Hang on Matey.”

“Jolly good.”

“Mr. Jenkins, pray continue.”

See, this is what too much BBC does to a person! You become picky about your cinematic Brits. Sigh. He sounds Australian now. Strange.

Sigh, my family went to the pool again. I don’t like that pool. There are bugs everywhere in it and gritty sand and everything else you can think of. Nasty it is. That’s why I only like indoor pools.

I really hope you don’t trip into a pool or anything while you’re gone. Or a ditch. Where did pool come from? That’s random. Anyway, call me if you die. I’ll be very much in your debt. I wonder if you’ll have internet access. I hope so. You might go crazy if you don’t. Too many sites to keep up with. I wonder if the weather will be cooler for you. Who knows?

And so farewell for now Cara!

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,


  1. I did indeed have Internet access. Well I wasn’t supposed to really, but when my Uncle was outside I used his Mac. HE HAD A MAC!!! It was very exciting for me. 2 sensible uncles. But I couldn’t be on for long which was extremely difficult. I checked my Gmail and Mac|Life but then I had to get off for Adam. Very sad. But I’m bringing Wall-E with me on vacation so I don’t have to endure that again. And I promised Mac (don’t judge me) that I’d name my new iPhone Mac Jr. as a memorial of him. And the weather was really nice while I was there but the only day we were outside was today and that was only for 2 hours before I left. The rest of the time we were inside playing an extremely violent game of Spoons and talking and random crap.

    • Violent games of spoons are the best in my opinion. I was tackled in a game of spoons once. Naturally, it was amazing.

  2. It was very epic. We were all so violent that one time we all dived on the table for the spoons (all 6 of us) and one of the spoons fell on the floor so then two people jumped on the floor for that and then once all the spoons were held we found out no one had a four of a kind. Hehehehe

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