Dear Cara June 14-15 2010

Dear Miss Cara,

(Written on the 14th)

I feel very accomplished at the moment because I drove four miles home from my pointe class without killing anyone! And I went a little out of our way to drop off someone. Therefore I feel superduper.

Yum, I’m drinking some hot chocolate and eating a few Fig Newtons. A combination from heaven if you ask me!

Now that I started making my own clothes I can’t stand anything in the store! My mom and I went to Walmart and I couldn’t find a single thing I liked, at all. I did find a watch that was on sale for three bucks. It’s funny because now whenever I put my wrist near my ear I think “What the heck is that ticking noise?!” only to discover it’s the watch. So smart I am. Sigh.

Oh my gosh. This show is making me so hungry. Grace and I are watching “The Food Budda” on TLC. This food looks so good!!! Arg! Those Fig Newtons aren’t going to cut it! Sigh. Now I’d love some brusle sprouts. Those things are good and that is random.

(Written on the 15)

OHHHHHH, let’s see. First thing to come to mind…… My uncle and his family from DC are coming in for Father’s day tomorrow. The baby is a year old now; that’s a little scary. We don’t see them enough I think. I hope they really do move here. But he hasn’t heard anything yet.

YOU JUST TOLD ME ABOUT THE GRADUATION BOOK! Great, now I’ll never be able to sleep.

Oh, what else. My mom wouldn’t let me drive Michaela home today because her mom didn’t know about it. But I did fine! And this was during rush hour too! No faith. Sigh. But then I did drive home four miles so that’s cool. Crazy people make me nervous though. So does Grace. She gasps whenever we go over a bump. Goodness.

Oooo, the scab over my burn has come off but now there’s a scar. It didn’t even hurt when I got it but now there’s this massive thing on my arm. I feel hardcore. At least it’s not on my face; that’s a little too scary. New Moonish unfortunately.

I’m afraid Grace will get the Humane Society on our backs with the treatment of her cat. She and my mom are making a dress from a pattern and Grace is making a matching one for Pepper. Granted, she looks very cute in it but who knows? Maybe she’s very uncomfortable!

Perhaps I’ll switch back to my normal theme on here. Wait! There’s an alternate design! I’ll try that. Perhaps that will be better. You did beg after all!

Did you know Jonah’s name would be Sophie if he was a girl? I think it would be weird to have a Sophie in the house, but I’d prefer him as a girl frankly.

UHG! I can’t see the keys! And I can’t listen to the old Willie Wonka music now without thinking of that stupid show! Totally ruined for me! Sigh!

Fare thee well Cara.

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,


  1. Awwww poor Pepper! Awwwwwww!! Awwwwww!!! Still, poor Pepper. Awwww. Ok done. And I’m starting the graduation book right now, it will take much work. My right wrist still really hurts, so I’m only typing with one hand. It is somewhat difficult, but I’m getting used to it. Siiiiiiiiiggggggh I must go email you, Ciao!

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