Dear Cara 4 June 2010

Dear Cara,

HA! I almost wrote Ello Cara! because I just read your post. You contagious thing you.

Anyway. As a matter of fact these past 2 weeks or so I’ve begun coming around to Lady Gaga. The Glee episode wasn’t really the reason but I did enjoy that. I’m understanding the appeal behind her and am beginning to even like her (believe it or not).

Arg. I’ve made up my mind. I am dropping out of Willie Wonka. It is really frankly not worth it. Based on what I heard at the first rehearsal, I’ll have about two scenes, both of which are very pointless. I and four other Oompa Loompas would come out, sing a song, dance a dance, and leave. Now that I can do shows during the school year I don’t feel the deep desire to do a show during the summer like I have before. Perhaps this is just me being a diva but it doesn’t seem worth the time to go to rehearsals. Oh well, we can go and watch Tess be an Oompa Loompa together.

Oh what else. We had our garage sale today and yesterday. It could have gone better I think. It makes me laugh that Megan’s neighborhood is having theirs too. I wish I could crash but no one would take me out there. Before long I can take myself out there! (Two miles without killing anyone and I ran into the grass going into the drive way! sorry, couldn’t help myself.) She says she found a cameo necklace and I’d love to have it, greedy thing I am. *Smack* That’s a sin Ella!

Hmmmm… I mailed you a letter today. I hope all the stickers don’t come off from the humidity. *Mailman when he opens outgoing mail box* “Hhhmmmmmm! Where on earth could these strange stickers have come from?!” I think my sisters thought I had reverted back to childhood when I put the last sticker on the lopsided envelope. Ah, who cares. I’d rather be young at heart rather than an old forgetful grandmother inside.

Did you know my whole family has a passionate, life long love of Kermit the Frog? We do. He’s known as Kermie in our house. And not just “Kermie” but “Kermie” how Miss Piggy says it.

And the thing at the end looks like a Dalek!!! Though it’s not as cute, sorry.

Kay, now I can’t help it. I’m watching “The Great Muppet Caper.” Such Old Memories! Oh my goodness. Dearest Kermie, where have you been for the last decade of my life?! Nothing like a good old-fashioned eighties musical about puppets. Excuse me, Muppets.

So, we sold a lot of the old stuff from when we were little kids in our Askarben house. Like a big chalk board we used to draw all over in our dining room is going. No one bought it but my mom still wants to get rid of it. An old framed tapestry from the Westgate house is going too. That used to be in our hallway. Anyway, change is good Ella, change is good.

Sigh, dearest Rory. Why did you have to go and get killed in the last Doctor Who episode? Wait, is it Rory or Roary? I saw it Roary somewhere and became very confuzzled. Anyway. Poor Rory. I was starting to like him. (AH! Kermie is in the UK! How is it a bear, a frog, and a Gonzo make it to London and we can’t?!) AND Amy doesn’t remember him! I have a feeling he’ll come back in some extraordinary way like Rose did. Then Rory will say, “AMY!” To which she will of course reply, “Who the heck are YOU!” That should make for a very eventful finale. And the Doctor will have to carry this around on his shoulders. Poor Doctor. And it wasn’t even really his fault.

Ugh. My room smells like I smoke or something. I saved a candle from the garage sale and went to burn it in my room. The wick is too long and it was giving off smoke instead of “Sugar Shack” like it was supposed to. Oh well. My moms accused me of worse. “I had a dream last night you were pregnant, smoked weed, and stole money from me. Is this true?”

Oh what else has happened? Ooooooo, this candle was made in Edgar Nebraska. That’s interesting. Oh, I stalked my Italian cousin on Facebook. That was fun but I couldn’t understand anything because it was in Italian. That was also interesting. Oooooo, here’s a riddle.

(Short version)

“One day a woman who lives in an oval house is murdered. The maid was making the beds, the gardener was tending the flowers, the butler was dusting the corners, and the cook was making a cake. Who did it?”

Tess told it to me. I know practically no riddles. I just don’t remember any anyone tells me. Oh well.

I feel very foolish. I started making a skirt today out of the fabric we found in our basement but I got to the point where I just needed to stitch up one end of it so I thought, I’ll put it on and see how it might look when I’m done. It’s a high waisted thing so I figured it would be thin at the top and taper out. So I measured and made sure it would fit around my rib perfectly, which it did, but I didn’t take into account my hips. My hips were too big for the skirt. Ugh. Infuriating. So now I stitched up the last side and I’ll add straps later and give it to Tess as a dress. I was so mad. It was nearly done and everything!!! Oh well, now Tess has a new dress. At least it wasn’t  my good fabric. There’s a neat sheet with British soldiers marching across the bottom that I can’t wait to use.

Goodness. This is quite long. I hope you enjoyed the reading Cara!

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, And All That Jazz,


  1. OH! And I saw a blog post that’s title was, “The Bleatings of a middle aged indie kid.” I thought of you when I saw “Bleatings”. You goat you!

  2. Bow Wow likes Gaga?! GASP!! IS IT POSSIBLE?! And I don’t like all of her music, some of it is just too…ummm… I don’t just too loud I guess. I love Just Dance, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Poparazzi, ummm.. Telephone’s pretty good. Hmmm… I don’t know. But GASP! It’s completely understandable that you’re dropping out of Willie Wonka, I don’t blame you. I mean I “dropped out” of going to Marian, it’s pretty much the same thing. OH! Quick somewhat sidetrack, hehehhehehehehhahahahahahahaa. So Emily (Dyer) told Abby the story of me screaming when I saw Gunnar. Hahahaha that was funny. Hahaha loll. LOLL. Emily said Abby said that Gunnar said he thought the freshman this year (or last year, now, *tears*) were hot but he couldn’t date them because they were freshman. And I got to thinking and then I was sitting some where random and I GASPED. YOU! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAAH GUNNAR WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! Cause you were his woman. *Ella slaps Cara repeatedly* But yeah hahahahhaha I’m sure you have that one look right now like you could kill me nicely. Hahahhaha now I bet you have the Ella face on. Anyway. Ugh. I gotta stop writing letters in the comments. There was something else I had to say…. hmmm… well I can’t think of it but I’ll keep writing because I know I’ll think of it in 5 seconds. So I’ve been SUPER lonely lately cause Martha’s in Colorado with her cousins for like 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! I call Martha every single day and talk about nothing for like 2 hours. It is very painful to have no one to talk about nothing about because I don’t want to annoy you and so then I have to talk to myself and it’s driving me crazy! So I just left Martha 5 voicemails today, that made me feel a little more sane. Sigh. You help, too, though. A lot. I have like no contact with the outside world besides Facebook (which I despise), and you. Well and random people who text me, but they never talk for as long as you do. Sigh. I slept on the floor last night. I always do that in the summer… I’m not sure if I’ll do it tonight again or not. We’ll see. I’m going through all my books and getting rid of all the ones with font bigger than THIS. I have lots of good books. *hits self* Crap Cara you wrote a letter in the comments. Oh shut up Cara. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! SEE!!! I’M TALKING TO MYSELF WORSE THAN BEFORE!!! IT’S HORRIBLE!!! I’ll manage though. Hopefully. Sigh. The Doctor’ll come tomorrow, he’ll help. I’m gonna send him to ya ASAP tomorrow. You wait, if I’m lucky you’ll have him by 10 or earlier Saturday night. Oh, you bought me some OmniCleanz from Amazon. That’s spray for my gadgets, cleaning spray, not like a spritzer or something. That makes no sense. Hmmm… you know today I said “shmirty” because I thought it was a number. THIS IS WHAT SUMMER DOES TO ME!!!! Although I think I would probably do that normally. OH! You were in my dreams again! Crap what happened…Hmm… I don’t recall… My feet are really hot. There. Hahhahaha. GASP! The dollars of my old money collection were on the floor! They’re ok now, though. Did you know that? I collect old money. There ya go! Yup. My favorite bill is my 1928 $2 bill. It’s very cool. Because people are always excited when they get a $2 bill (which aren’t THAT rare) but I have one from 1928! Yupperdoodleydoo. And I have many “wheat pennies,” but my favorite’s an indian penny. What the?? How in the world did I go from talking about Lady Gaga to talking about my money collection? Sigh. I have shamed myself with another letter in the comments. *Shamed*
    I’m just gonna end it before I go on more.

  3. Hey! A letter is a letter no matter where it is! And I enjoyed it anyway. c:

  4. =:)& GOAT!

  5. A letter is a letter no matter how small. There.

  6. GASP! THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Whoever told you to quote Dr. Who is amazing. Hahahhaa you too for actually doing it.

  7. Although I must say it makes no sense in the context, so I don’t know what i was thinking, oh well. I still like it.

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