Dear Cara 30 May 2010

Dear Cara,

Spaz was being his usual spaztic self by falling asleep and not waking up so I lost the whole letter I was writing you. Spaz, Spaz, Spaz…You’ll never learn; or is it me that will never learn? Either way, I can’t remember what I wrote so I’ll start over.

Am I silly to have made an agenda for the summer months? I think not; it will be helpful. Gosh, what happened today. We went to mass, bought flowers, ate Don and Millie’s, and painted two tables, a basket, a chair, and a pot red. One of the chairs is mine and I think it looks much better red. It used to be orange and green. Okay, enough about me. What’s up with Cara? I wonder if it looks like it will rain in the far away land of Elkhorn.

OH! And I played in the hose today. Such a  child.

Oh, let’s see…

What’s your favorite animal? (no goats.)

What’s your favorite color?

If you could eat any food right now what would it be?

Where is the farthest away from home you have ever been?

What was your dream job when you where 8?

What is your favorite kind of weather?

Favorite movie that was filmed in black and white?

Superman or Spiderman?

That’s all I can think of. Are there any good movies coming out this June? I don’t recall any at the moment but there must be. Oh! and send me your address so we can follow through with the physical sending of mail instead of electronic mail.

Thought of another one.

Tea, water, or pop?

Well, Cara, farewell for now.

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, and All That Jazz,


  1. I WANNA PLAY IN THE HOSE!!!! Lucky (Napoleon Dynamite impression). Ello Ella! Today I went to Lauritzen Gardens. AH! I GOT WATER IN MY EYE! Oh, it’s better now. They were naturey and stuff. Hahahhaha I took more pictures of doors and garbage cans than of nature but those were the COOLEST garbage cans every OK! Then we got Little Caesars, then I ate Little Caesars, then I went to my room and started Dr. Who for the 3rd time. Which, by the way, it at 39% currently. So… let’s see… yeah… then things happened, things occurred, and then BAM! FATE! You sent me a message. And the rest is history.

    My favorite animal–…hmmm…I haven’t thought about that in years cause like most animals, but it used to be a penguin because my Aunt used to call me Penguin because I when I was like 2 I waddled instead of walking.

    I don’t really have a favorite color but I tend to be partial to red.

    I am eating M&Ms right now and I really want some Chex Mix. Hahahahha I just started Backing like a chicken.

    Washington DC is probably the farthest I’ve ever been… yup. I’ve been there twice.

    My dream job since kindergarten has been to be a cashier and a teacher. I used to play store. I used to play school. So now if only they made a store that sold teachers I would be set for what to go to college for.

    I LOVE rain! Sooooo much! I don’t really like going into the basement rain, but like just rain. I ride my bike when it rains. So preferably no lightening. Thunder’s ok, just no lightening.

    Hmmmm…. this one is difficult. I enjoy Ed Wood. Young Frankenstein is Ok. But hmmm…. OH! The Wolfman (the original movie with Lon Chaney Jr.)

    Spiderman spiderman does whatever a spider can. Spins a web…ok, that’s all I know. It’s the original theme, incase you didn’t know.

    I sent you my address, but I’ll e-mail it to you just incase. UGH! That’s a brand not a word! In case. There.
    And ummm… water from a refrigerator spicket. Pop is good, too, but I’ve always liked water.

    Farewell Bow Wow!


    Cara __0__

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