Dear Cara 25 May 2010

Dear Cara,

I already wrote you a letter today in school, but I have nothing I can study for tomorrow and I’m bored so thus a letter. I am currently eating honey. That audition is tonight. I am absolutely dreading the obvious number of Marian girls that will be present. I won’t shut up about that but it is in fact true. Oh dear, hmmm, I’m singing that song from “A Walk to Remember”: “Only Hope.” It has good range therefore I shall use it. I think it’s funny that the old director’s name was Al and now the new director’s name is also Al but the old one was Fr. Al and this one is Mr. Al. But I doubt he’ll tell us to call him that though. Arg, now I’m really nervous. I felt this way last year too. I’m listening to an old MuggleCast. Episode 193 because I know you’ll want to know. I’ve heard it but I scrolled randomly and this one was up. I smell food. I’m guessing something with noodles, but food always smells differently from up here. I’m a little sad to have all my children from my locker back at my house now. My poor locker, all empty and lonely but squeaky clean! You watched “The Choosen” today. I’ll have to remember to ask you about that in the morning. Jessi said it was really boring and not similar to the book at all. I saw like half an hour of it when I shadowed at the “G” school (<–Privacy reasons) and it was a little boring. From what I remember, Reuven seemed like the bad guy. It didn’t really help I had no idea what was going on but I suppose that doesn’t ever help anything.

Love, DFTBAOYD, Pickles, and All That Jazz,


  1. Ello Ella, I have never heard of any human eating honey plain. Is it good? And it’s ok that you won’t shut up about the Marian girls because it’s quite understandable that you dread having so many there, I would, too. I think Al is a funny name. Hehehe “Al.” I will cry today when Rudy, Hedgy, and Nanners are all not there. It will be very sad. Sigh. 3 months and then I’ll see them. And I still don’t know how you considered the G school, it’s too gross for me. Although then again I was planning on going to Marian but that’s just because that’s where everyone was gonna go until people started shadowing at schools but I never had time to shadow anywhere, not even Marian, so I wanted to go to Mercy because I knew it had a better reputation and all that but I didn’t tell Mercy that until it was kinda late…

  2. Meh. I started this before school on Wednesday but I really don’t feel like finishing it now….maybe someday..

  3. Hahahahahhahaha I probably should have read what I wrote, cause I guess I did finish my response to your letter. Hmmmm… Oh well, there ya go then.

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